What is Salesforce



Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management platform. This platform offers all departments of the entity a unified view of all its customers in an integrated platform.

What does Salesforce do?

Salesforce provides a personalized experience. Salesforce Customer 360 offers very powerful and connected products, capable of improving your Marketing, ecommerce, sales, IT, customer service services,among many others. With this platform we can unite all the teams around the client and their needs.

Thanks to Salesforce, we can attract more buyers through more personalized marketing. Also, you can win more customers, as we will know their needs and concerns. This platform offers an integrated shopping experience, improving the customer experience and beating conversion rates. On the other hand, we can guarantee a faster response to customers and thus maintain a high degree of satisfaction. Note that, with Salesforce we can automate tasks that consume a lot of time, leading to the construction of custom applications.

How does Salesforce benefit us?

This platform has a series of key values, which mark each of our decisions. Salesforce offers the means to create a better life and create more sympathetic jobs, businesses, and communities. This CRM is an inclusive community that has more than 10 million people who transform the community and break with the established, the famous Trailblazers. Salesforce offers online learning. With this we can get skills that improve our company and even professional career.

With Salesforce we can unify the shopping experience, as we will connect with customers through a point of contact. We can convert buyers to make trades through their mobile devices. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence we can customize our operations. Finally, we can expand customer perspectives in sales, marketing, and services by connecting your business data to the Salesforce cloud.

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