What is Omnichannel


is a set of strategies carried out by a company or person that uses all communication channels, both physical and online to convey a message to their customers, or potential customers, putting this at the center of their business.

Therefore, the omnichannel strategy is based on integrating multiple communication channels, which build an optimal user experience.

Until a few years ago, a customer who wanted to buy a vacuum cleaner went directly to the physical store to buy it. Now, most of these people are informed before through multiple channels ranging from opinions of acquaintances to read reviews on websites about the different options when choosing a vacuum cleaner, among which price, durability, functionalities or product quality stand out.

This fact “forces” companies, and anyone who wants to sell something, to focus on the customer and add value regardless of the channel through which it has arrived.

It is at this point where omnichannel differs from multichannel.

Differences between omnichannel and multichannel

The multichannel strategy focuses on reaching customers using different media such as the internet, a magazine, mail or billboard. But this does not create a homogeneous image of the services or products sold by the company since they follow a different strategy depending on the medium.

On the other hand, the omnichannel strategy focuses, as we have said, on creating a better final experience in the customer to try to retain the same. This is achieved in different ways, including:

  • Create the same promotions for different channels
  • Uses a homogeneous web interface regardless of the device used to access
  • It gives the possibility to buy the product online and go to pick it up at the store

Is the omnichannel strategy the best?

At this point, there is no doubt that omnichannel strategy is better than multichannel strategy. Now, before starting to use this new strategy you have to see if your company is prepared for it since omnichannel implies that the different channels through which you sell are related to each other, giving a greater number of options to the customer to buy your product.

If your budget is small or the changes you have to make are too big, you may not want to enter fully into the omnichannel strategy and you can make the change little by little.

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