What is Modified Broad Match

Modified Broad Match


In Google Ads,the modified broad match is in the middle of broad match and phrase match. Distinguishing itself in that it provides more control than broad concordance and more freedom than sentence concordance. It works by adding a “+” sign in front of one or more words in a sentence composed of keywords, when the selected match type is broad.

Characteristics of the modified broad match modifier

For the keyword to match, words that have the ‘+ ‘ sign in front of them must be present in the search. The order of the keywords does not matter. Unlike the broad match, the modified broad match does not show an ad by synonyms or related searches, so it gives a higher level of control.

Also, unlike phrase matching, word order is not important which gives you more flexibility.

Example of modified broad matching

For example, if we use +clothing store as a keyword, the ad will be activated with the searches “clothing store”, “clothing store in Seville” and “cheap clothes in store”. However, it will not be activated with “clothing store”, because the word store is not found in the search.

In the modified broad match, as in the wide match it is very important to use negative keywords to narrow down the searches in which the ad jumps.

Modified Broad Match discontinuity in Google Ads

Since February 2021 the modified broad concordance has been replaced with the sentence concordance. Concordance types are simplified by combining phrase match control with the extended coverage of the broad match modifier, which is no longer available.

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