What is Exact Match

Exact Match


Exact match is a type of Google Ads match that allows you to show an ad when a user searches for the exact words or words that are indexed to the account of the ad account. An exact match keyword will cause your Google AdWords ad to only fire on an exact match search.

Examples of Exact Matching

If keywords are typed into the account in square brackets, for [balón de fútbol] example, an ad may appear when a user searches for the specific phrase soccer ball, in this order, and without any other terms in the query. For example, the ad will not be displayed for soccer ball for training or soccer ball. Exact match is the option that is most directly addressed to the user.

Even though not as many impressions are received with exact match, the clicks received are likely to be more desirable, as they are more specific: users searching for the general exact keyword will want precisely what this ad has to offer.

Exact match is the only type that does not require the use of negative keywords.

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