What is Machine Learning

machine learningDefinition:

Machine Learning is a data analysis technique that teaches computers; is within the branch of artificial intelligence. Machine learning algorithms use computational methods to learn information directly from the data. That is, it does not have the need to rely on a predetermined equation as a model.

Types of Marchine Learning

There are different types of machine learning, depending on the type of algorithm used to ‘teach’ machines:

  • Supervised learning. The computer has ‘tags’ to be able to distinguish some objects from others, for example.
  • Unsupervised learning. The computer has the information of the characteristics of a specific object and learns to distinguish it from another with different characteristics.
  • Reinforcement learning. It is the most frequent. The algorithm learns by observing the world around it and draws its own conclusions.

How to apply Machine Learning in digital marketing

Machine learning is a tool widely used in digital marketing, in which the possibility of anticipating user behavior becomes relevant. One of the clearest examples is the proliferation of chatbots as a customer service on any website.

It is also becoming common for artificial intelligence to be used in recruitment by human resources,so that the tedious inspection of resumes seems to have its days numbered.

Machine Learning Examples

Here are other examples of the use of machine learning in digital marketing:

  • Google Analytics Smart Goals
  • Automated Google Shopping campaigns
  • Campaigns optimized based on CPA in Google Ads