What is Lead Magnet

lead magnet


A lead magnet is a digital marketing strategy consisting of offering free content to users in exchange for obtaining their contact details. Lead management is designed to attract potential customers to our mailing and business list. They are used to increase the conversion rates of lead generation activities. To be a lead magnet, an offer must be specific and short-term in nature, although it can also be something waiting to be activated. This is the opposite of vague promises to join a newsletter and receive unspecified content at an unspecified time.

Some of the most common magnet leads are discounts, e-books, resource guides, online assessments, software tests, free consultations…


Why use Leads Magnet?

  • It increases our contact databases,with the consequent benefits that this entails for our company.
  • We will attract more qualified traffic to our website, and we will have more ease to be found in search engines.
  • At the level of segmentation, it allows us to get to know users better, discover where they are in the buyer’s journey and thus define future actions based on their behavior.
  • It is a very profitable strategy since the cost of implementation is very low, while the results can be very noticeable if executed correctly.

Types of Lead Magnet

There are several types of Lead Magnet that we can carry out:

  • E-book: this is the most common type of lead magnet, giving away a small ebook of some theme related to the content of your brand.
  • Trial version: if our company develops products such as paid applications or tools or computer programs, some type of free trial period can be offered while fulfilling a promotional function since if the user likes our product it is possible that he decides to acquire it once his trial period ends.
  • Course: another option that is increasingly being used is to offer courses that have some kind of economic value for free.
  • Resources: resources of various kinds are also being offered, such as templates and editable designs or checklists, which help the user to improve their productivity


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