What is Google Tag Manager

google tag managerDefinition:

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is an easy-to-use solution for managing JavaScript tags or snippets that send information to third parties, on a website or mobile application. GTM makes tasks easier by simplifying the process of adding these JavaScript snippets to a website.

What is Google Tag Manager for?

Instead of updating the code of a web page, the interface is used to decide what to activate and on which page or what action. GTM then adds appropriate tracking to the site to make sure everything works.


Advantages of Google Tag Manager

With Google Tag Manager, advertisers can add, edit, or remove marketing and measurement tags without developer intervention. This speeds up the process from a business point of view and frees up the IT department to work on other important tasks.

The power of Google Tag Manager also extends to IT administrators, who have greater control over tags and a safe place to test how they would affect the website before it is published.

Google Tag Manager to implement advanced measurements

Before Google Google Tag Manager existed, all code implementations had to go through the IT department. They also had to insert code into elements like links and buttons to track user behavior. However, with GTM the only code that needs to be added to pages is GTM code.

GTM allows you to add tags, which can be as simple as the Google Analytics tracking code or can contain multiple variables and trigger logs or affect the behavior of the. For example, you can add event tracking with GTM without having to add any onclick code to a page.


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