What is Giveaway



A giveaway is defined as a prize or gift that brands grant to the winner of a contest usually held on social media networks and through which brands seek the achievement of a specific goal or objective.

Giveaways are a growing trend used more and more due to their effectiveness. Companies see how, with few resources, they can reach goals quickly. Without a doubt, it is a very popular strategy among users and has high participation rates.

How to raise a giveaway in your Digital Strategy

The first thing to do is to define the contest to be held to deliver this prize. Before this, it is essential to consider what objectives you want to achieve with this action in order to subsequently check if they have been met. Then choose the prize or gift that the brand will offer. It must be sectioned properly as it will be the way in which users help achieve the goal.

To be able to carry out a contest on social networks, it is necessary to write legal bases and indicate how to participate in a clear and precise way so that there is no confusion. Usually, brands specify following a specific person or people and using a hashtag to identify participants. In this way they also make sure that users have done it correctly and have followed all the steps. The last thing of all is to define how long this contest or sweepstakes will last.

To make it work and get results we must continuously promote action or even publicize our publication. This way we will ensure that we have more visualizations and consequently, participations. Collaborations with influencers usually give very good results in giveaways.

Why make a giveaway on Social Networks

Social Networks give a lot of visibility to companies and brands, so having a specific strategy is very important. In addition, carrying out concrete actions such as a giveaway from time to time helps to increase this visibility.

This action serves to publicize the brand or company, to gain followers and even to position them better in networks or do it with a particular product. Followers will grow faster and the target audience will be reached in an accurate way. Account engagement will also go up in percentage.

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