What is Shareware



Shareware is software distributed free of charge for your trial. The programs distributed with this type of license are usually old versions or with some limitations in the time of use, in functionalities or with notices on the screen indicating that they are trial versions.

Shareware programs are distributed with the aim that, after the trial, users acquire the paid version to obtain the latest version of the program with all its functionalities and without limitations. It is a marketing strategy very widespread in recent times.

Advantages of Shareware

Among the advantages of shareware we find:

  • No cost:the user does not have to make any disbursement to install or use the program.
  • Ease of acquisition:they can come pre-installed on the computer or are easily found on the internet for free download.
  • Utility for the user:many times they have sufficient functionality without the need to move to the paid version.

Disadvantages of Shareware

Some of the drawbacks of shareware are:

  • Worse usability:Sometimes they include windows with warnings that must be closed.
  • Restrictions on use:there is no free access to the code or distribution.
  • Less security:they are less tested programs and if they are not downloaded from a reliable source they can be infected.
  • It is proprietary software:it depends 100% on the company that created the program.
  • Worse support:by not making disbursement for it, support is not guaranteed.

Shareware Examples

Here are some programs that are distributed under Shareware license:

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