What is Double Opt-In

Double Opt In


In Digital Marketing, the Double Opt-In is a variety of opt in, a process within email marketing by which we establish a double validation system for all those people who receive our emails. The user who goes through the Opt-In process has not only given his consent from our website by filling out a form, but has subsequently accepted again through a confirmation email that has been sent to his email. If the user does not accept this confirmation email, he will be considered as invalid and will not be on the mailing list as he will be considered to read the emails that are sent later.

Both Opt-In and double Opt-in emails must stand out for a personalized character and quality content that attract the attention of the user and increase the engagement of our email marketing.

Advantages of using Double Opt-In

Undoubtedly, double validation brings with it a series of very interesting advantages that we should consider when choosing our email marketing strategy:

  • Comply with the law: with an increasingly demanding data protection law, double opt-in is a good method to have full compliance that your contacts have agreed to receive your emails and thus comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
  • Improve engagement: thanks to the double opt-in we have the option to improve the relationship with our contacts, provide them with a personalized and higher quality experience and ensure that they really care about our brand.
  • More relevant contacts: the quality of those contacts that have gone through the double validation process will be higher since we ensure that most of these are valid contacts and with a greater interest in our products or services.

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