What is Autoresponder



An autoresponder,or autoresponder in English, is one of the main email utilities used in email marketing, digital marketing technique, which consists of automatically responding to an email message with a written and automated response previously. Its operation is based on a series of emails that were automatically directed to our customer lists and that they receive based on the action they have taken on our website. It is therefore a technique of automation,which can bring us numerous benefits. Autoresponders are used by users as well as websites that need to respond to user feedback automatically.


Self-offender benefits

Using an email autorver system is a very interesting option due to the multiple benefits it brings us:

  • Savings: automation systems allow us to save time and consequently money since we can invest the time of the staff in other tasks.
  • Segmentation: without a doubt one of the main advantages offered by the autorponder is to adapt our messages according to the actions of the users on our website, thus being able to segment our potential customers.
  • Control:we can manage when we want our messages to be sent, to whom we want them to be sent and in what way, thus increasing the control of our account.

Examples of autoresponders

  • An individual can use an automatic email reply feature to inform the sender that they have gone on vacation and cannot personally respond to emails until they return to the office.
  • A company can use an automatic response in response to a newsletter subscription request to verify that the process has been carried out.
  • In social listening it can be used to notify the sender that a user comment has been received.
  • Autoresponders are also used by companies to indicate that an online purchase has been processed, usually including a confirmation number.

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