What is Crowdtesting


Crowtesting is a relatively new term in the software world and refers to a software testing technique in which a set of people, commonly known as a “crowd,” are hired to test a particular digital product or service. Software tools are often used to coordinate testing and ensure the quality of the final product.

This testing method is effective at gaining a wide range of user opinions and experiences, helping to identify errors that may not have been detected otherwise. In addition, crowdtesting allows developers and designers to get a clear idea of what the end-user experience is like, allowing them to make better decisions regarding design and functionality.

Advantages of Crowdtestign

Here are some advantages of crowdtesting:

  • Wide test coverage: Crowtesting allows you to achieve a wide coverage of tests in a short time, thanks to the huge number of collaborators who can participate in the tests. In this way, it is ensured that the final product is compatible with different devices, operating systems and browsers.
  • Cost savings: Hiring a large number of resources to perform software testing can be costly. Crowtesting is presented as a cheaper option, since you can hire a large number of people for a short period of time and thus get a large number of opinions and tests at low cost.
  • Identification of real user problems: the feedback received from users participating in crowdtesting is very valuable. Those opinions and experiences help identify real problems that users may encounter while using the product. In this way, the software development team can better understand the needs of end users and generate more successful solutions.
  • Access to new international markets: Crowtesting offers the possibility of hiring users from different countries and cultures. This is especially useful for products or services that are launched in international markets, as it can ensure that the software works properly in different languages and cultural contexts.
  • Time saving: Crowtesting can be an ideal solution for projects with tight lead times, since hundreds of collaborators can be hired to perform tests in a short time. This way, the software development team can identify and fix bugs faster, and meet deadlines.

Examples of Crowtesting

These are some of the companies that have used Crowdtesting:

  • Amazon. The company uses Crowtesting to test the performance of its platform on different browsers and devices, thus ensuring an optimal shopping experience for its users worldwide.
  • Uber. The company has used Crowtesting to test new features in its app, such as the “Uber for Business” feature, which allows employees to track transportation expenses. In this way, Uber has been able to improve its application and make it more useful for users.
  • Waze. The company has used Crowtesting to develop beta versions of its application and collect user feedback on new features and functionality. Thanks to Crowtesting tests, Waze has improved navigation accuracy and added features such as augmented reality view.
  • Upwork. The company has used Crowtesting to test its new video calling platform, thus ensuring the quality of the user experience. Upwork has also used Crowtesting to test its translation platform, which allows users to work together in different languages.
  • Nike Training Club. The company has used Crowtesting to gather user feedback on new workout routines and app features such as live training sessions. Nike has also used Crowtesting to test the application’s compatibility across different devices and operating systems.

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