What is Contextual advertising

contextual advertisingDefinition:

Contextual advertising

is a type of digital marketing that uses the information a company has about the audience or a user to display banners, ads, and content on the websites they frequent. It is based on a tracking system.

What is contextual advertising?

Contextual advertising is an advertising that is linked to the contents and theme of a website or a part of it, as well as to the interests, needs and searches that the user who enters it has made.

It is based on the interests, needs, preferences of a user to carry out advertising strategies on the Internet, using a number of tools. Some of the tools are Google Adsense and many others in order to make the return rate higher.

Contextual advertising seeks not to be intrusive and to offer what is of interest to the user. It is always linked to the content that the user is watching, so it always arouses greater interest. It’s easier to get their attention. In addition, intrusive advertising is increasingly seen by the audience, so it is presented as a better option when it comes to connecting with the user.

How does it work?

Contextual advertising is paid for by the click you get. The price may vary based on the website where you want to place it and also influences the location where it is placed within it.

What is contextual advertising for?

Contextual advertising has the ultimate goal of achieving a greater profit, or rate of return, thanks to the increase in clicks. In addition, it is also sought to translate into a greater number of leads. We must not forget that they are ads that are not only based on the theme of the place where they are located but also take into account the interests of consumers.

It presents, therefore, multiple advantages. On the one hand it favors the web where the advertising is placed, since it makes it possible to be clicked a greater number of times. The advertising company, attracting a greater number of users. And last but not least, the consumer who will be impacted with advertising things that really interest him.

Reasons to use contextual advertising

Nowadays it is a widely used strategy, especially when you want to develop marketing for search engines or remarketing. It is a way to ensure that these types of actions are carried out in the least intrusive way possible.

In addition, it encourages the user to purchase a certain product. For example: If someone is reporting on second-hand cars and they get ads about that matter.

Being an advertising that is very segmented and personalized, it makes it very attractive. Every time people shy away from advertising that is aimed at a mass, they seek a more individual treatment.