What is Bot



Bot is the breviatura of robot. Bots are programs that perform repetitive tasks on the Internet, browsing the web on a recurring basis. They serve different purposes, such as indexing web pages to search engines or harvesting email addresses for spammers.

Bots can perform different tasks on the Internet, although the best known are the resurfacing bots, also called spiders or spiders. The best-known respeed bot is Googlebot.

Types of bot

Bots can be classified based on the tasks they perform:

  • Crawler:Visit sites by going through the site’s links and adding them to an index.
  • Social media bot:publishes content on a profile in an automated way according to the rules with which it has been programmed.
  • Chatbot:They respond to users in a chat based on scheduled responses.
  • Web monitoring bot:recurrently visits a website and warns when the site goes down.
  • Email marketing bot:sends email based on templates and scheduled rules.

Bot filtering

Sometimes bots cause measurement problems on web pages, since their visits are recorded as if they were real visitors. That is why bot filtering must be activated in web analytics tools that filter the visits of such bots, so that they are not collected and are not added to those of real users.

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