What is Hidden text

Hidden TextDefinition:

Hidden text is one that is not visible to the naked eye because its color is identical to that of the background of the page. Although it is not visible to people, this type of text can be read by search engine robots. This technique is sometimes used for the purpose of deceiving search engines. It is a practice widely discouraged by SEO professionals, as it is considered a black hat technique and goes against Google’s basic search guidelines.

How to hide text on a website

There are different ways to hide text. You can change the font color to match the background or place text outside the margin. You can also reduce the font size to 0 or place text behind an image. CSS technology also offers options for making text invisible to users. This can be done using the “visibility:hidden” or “display:none” formats. In addition, CSS allows you to separate layout and content and store style sheets in isolated files.

Disadvantages of using hidden text

Although hidden text can be useful in some cases, its use also carries some drawbacks and risks:

  1. Risk of SEO penalty: Some search engines such as Google can penalize web pages that use hidden text for the purpose of deceiving search engines. This can lead to a decrease in the position of the page in search results and a decrease in traffic.
  2. Difficulty maintaining the page: Hidden text can make it more difficult to maintain a web page, as it can be more difficult to find and modify hidden text.
  3. Confusion for users: If hidden text is important to the user experience, it can lead to confusion or frustration if it is not easily accessible.
  4. Loss of accessibility: Hidden text may not be accessible to all users, especially those who are visually impaired or using screen readers. This may limit the accessibility of the page for these users.

In general, it is important to use hidden text responsibly and carefully consider whether it is necessary and beneficial for the website and for users.

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