What is Flash offer

Flash Offer


An Amazon flash offer is a promotion where a limited number of items are offered at cheaper prices for a short period of time. We can find flash offers throughout the platform, even in the Deals of the Day. These offers are usually available one per customer, and since they last only a specific time, it is important to complete the order when possible and not delay it. The best thing about these offers is being able to find products from all categories at very affordable prices.


How to detect an Amazon flash offer

The key to taking advantage of these offers is timing. When a flash offer is available we will see:

  • The product that belongs to the offer.
  • Any variation of the item such as size, color…
  • A status bar will always show the % of offers already sold out.
  • A timer that shows the time we have to add the product to the basket and also benefit from the discount.
  • The amount of the promotional discount and the final price.

When the promotional discounts that are available for a flash offer are already assigned to other customers, you can join a waiting list. Thus, you will be able to see the promotional discounts that are in the basket of other customers, but joining this list does not guarantee that the offer will be available again. Once the available promotional discounts are exhausted, it will appear as“Offer Sold Out”. Also if you cancel an order for a flash offer, you will not be able to place a new order for the same offer, despite still being active.

How to differentiate a flash offer from an offer of the day

Amazon launches both flash offers and deals of the day, what differentiates them are the duration. Flash offers last a few hours, on the contrary the offers of the day last a calendar day, as long as there is stock. In addition, promotional discounts for flash offers cannot be transferred to another Amazon account.

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