Social Media Content Plan

How to create a social media content plan

The   content planning   is essential to be able to develop   in the best possible way a content plan insocialnetworks

. It is very common for companies   to open several profiles and start publishing and   updating their accounts frequently. But after a while they begin to decline in frequentity and ideas and end up leaving some networks abandoned. 

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To avoid this situation that we see so often we must create a content plan in social networks. A calendar in which you have all the updates planned for the coming weeks. This requires planning that must be preceded by objectives. Before starting we must establish some indicators and meters. With them we can later verify that we are meeting the objectives. These are the steps that we must follow to be able to make a social media content plan.

What audience are we targeting?

It is essential to know the type of people we want to reach with our publications. For that we will have to make a profile as detailed as possible and know in which social networks are the ones you think they spend more time. Investigating what our client’s profile is and knowing their interests is essential. Without this first step, we will most likely take steps blindly. It is important that this step is well defined to create the publications based on this data.

Define your goals

The next step is to define your goals. Consider the goals that your company will have in social networks. Maybe your idea is to increase your image as a brand or grow your mailing list. Social networks can be of help for many things. Our goal may be to publicize the brand and its image or we may only look for conversions. Depending on the social networks in which we are, we will have a different strategy and objectives. Here we should set targets for each of the networks in which we have a presence.

Find your own style

Each company is different and not all will be able to use the same type of publications. That’s why it’s important to define the tone and style of these posts. Depending on what the company is dedicated to or what type of customers it has, it may vary.

So we have to create a style guide. Define how the images will be, what we will show, in what tone we will talk in them… Here are some of the most important things to define before you start publishing.

Here we will implement a series of templates on which to always work so that they have the same line. They must adapt to all the networks where we will find ourselves but following patterns and colors with which the audience recognizes us. In addition, we must feel identified as a brand with this style.

Use reliable sources

Surely your company produces enough of your own content to update a few days, but you need to know more sources in which to find content that makes your audience fall in love. We must make sure that this content is truthful, so you must make sure that they are reliable and real sources. Otherwise it could lead to an online reputation crisis and could affect our business.

Monitor your community

Social media should have a following,you can’t make posts and then abandon them. In a sense, networks act as a means of customer service. That is why we must make sure that the comments or messages that come to us are resolved.

At the same time, it is necessary to be aware of what the trends in the sector are and what attracts our customers. In this way we can participate in the community while taking the opportunity to use this content.

Results report

Such work must be continuously updated. In this way we can say that a content plan is something alive that is updated every week. As the days go by, you must get fat so that the day does not come when the company has nothing to share.

How to start it? You only need an Excel to which the different members of the company who work with the content plan have access. With a clear methodology for creating and sharing content, any company will be able to get more out of social networks with half the effort.

Finally, it is important to ensure that the objectives set are being followed correctly and that they are giving results. Every time the month ends, or on the previously chosen date, we have to make a metrics report.

With the objectives that we defined at the beginning of the creation of this plan, together with the metrics that we leave planned, this report should result. To know that it is giving the effect we wanted and that it is being beneficial for the company we will have to do this follow-up.