Choose Google Ads Agency

Choose Google Ads Agency: aspects to take into account

Creating, managing, and optimizing a Google Ads account is something that is not easily learned; for many entrepreneurs, freelancers, freelancers, it entails a work time that they can not afford to invest in all the tasks that include advertising correctly on this platform and therefore, they find themselves in the need to hire it looking for external help from a Google Ads Agency.

The fundamental problem they face is that every day new agencies and freelancers are born, many of them certified, partners… and the offer of this type of services is increasing, so how can they know that they are choosing correctly?

In this post we are going to see what are the main aspects that must be taken into account to choose a Google Ads agency and know in some way that you are choosing between “the good ones”. Some criteria break with the dynamics and demolish some myths created lately, so watch out for the patch.

Table of Contents

Aspect #1: Choose Google Ads Agency or Freelance?

This point is vital. Both have their weaknesses and strengths, however, the strengths of an agency specialized in Google Ads are usually greater in number than those of a freelancer, for several reasons:

  • They have greater investment capacity in payment tools that facilitate their work
  • It is likely that they have worked with a greater number of clients and therefore already know your sector,and that knowledge is already a more favorable starting point
  • They have greater capacity to work, for example through work groups, which when it comes to improving and optimizing your campaigns will always be a point in your favor: 20 minds work better than one.

But beware, not all are advantages; the ideal is to choose an agency that somehow shows you that it will dedicate the time you deserve as a client, why?, for the simple fact that you can find an agency that works by volume of clients and dedicates 30 min a week, but it is that “they are partners”… we’re talking about this later.

Aspect #2: The Google Ads account is yours and yours alone.

This is a fundamental requirement.

No agency or freelancer should own your Adwords account; you pay for a service, that account is yours.

It’s something you need to make sure about before you sign anything: “Ownership of your Google Ads account is mine.” If not, you will have to choose another agency that gives it to you.

It is a common resource that is used to “hook” the client in some way and recommend that it is not advisable not to renew since “I would have to start from 0” and “what a pity the data history, with how important it is”…

Aspect #3: Certifications and Partners.

It seems obvious the importance of the agency having certified managers and the fact of being a Google Partner is a criterion to take into account, however, it should not be an abosluto addition criterion, and I explain why:

Basically, because anyone can be certified without having managed a Google Ads account in life.

Regarding being a Partner, obviously that means that you have reached a certain level of billing and managed customer accounts; and that to some extent generates peace of mind, but beware, as I said before: being a partner does not mean excellence at work.

All customers need a minimum working time,which in the long run ends up having an impact on the success of the campaigns. It is very important that the Google Ads agency choose has a personalized work methodology for you, based on your needs and the needs of your account.

In Google Ads, the cheap ends up being expensive,in money and especially in time. The time that your account is being mismanaged, is time that the competition takes advantage of to improve theirs, and all for having spared too much in expenses.

Aspect #4: If they’re up, they’re likely to make you be too.

The best way to demonstrate good work is to demonstrate it with evidence. A good Google Ads agency should always be as well positioned as possible, among the top 3 positions in Google, or at most on the second page (due to the great and growing competition that happens in this sector).

If you see an ad on 3rd or 4th page, they are probably new agencies, or freelancers,who will legitimately compete for prices, and that is attractive for companies that for example are starting their digital adventure, but it is an indicator of little effectiveness or of a newly started company. Not recommended. If I had a company or start-up and I had to choose who would promote me, maybe I wouldn’t go beyond the first page.

Aspect #5: Transparency, key to choosing a Google Ads agency

Beyond the control over the budget and the constant contact with the client, which is directly obvious to talk about it, it is important and an indicator of confidence to be able to know who is going to manage your account. Find out who is managing your account, who it is, what it does, how long it has been in the sector… because the same thing is being managed by someone who is not very qualified and your investment is too high to be handled by inexperienced hands.

It is an important factor of trust and closeness and that therefore could be included among your selection criteria.

Aspect: #6: That they are flexible in their ways of promoting you

By this I mean that this “agency specialized only in Google Ads”, can go well, or it can go really wrong; the reality is that with an agency of this type, you will only have the option to do this type of campaigns whether you want to or not.

Ideally, the agency you are going to choose can provide you with other ways besides Google Ads so that you can attack different channels,for example via Facebook or Instagram Ads, depending on the needs of your business, the channel that best suits you to attack and ultimately your type of business.

Therefore, if you close yourself to an agency that is only dedicated to one type of campaigns, you are limiting yourself and you may have to look for alternatives in other channels with the help of different agencies or freelancers, and the most advisable thing is that you centralize the activities in the same agency, not only to unify communications but also because when working and analyzing the information, it will avoid many headaches.

These are the main aspects to take into account when choosing your Google Ads agency.

I hope this post has been useful to you and I wish you every success in your future campaigns!