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LinkedIn is the most extensive professional social network. Based on the same concept as networking, this platform puts workers in contact to expand their knowledge, do business, expand their portfolio, track companies, share information and even change jobs. That is why it is ideal to advertise, since you can contact the target professional audience of your choice.

The main virtue of advertising on LinkedIn is its complete segmentation, which can be by position and job function, by sector and size of the company and by seniority. Thanks to this, we have the possibility to offer our product to the most suitable professional audience:LinkedIn can show the ads in the specific location we want or also by titles of the workers and even by their skills, optimizing results and paying for clicks or impressions.

This social network is perfect to advertise to other companies that may require our services or products. We can have conversations with potential customers in a direct and simple way and connect with new users who need our products. In addition, with publications we can create a brand reputation that creates trust in our customers.

In Arimetrics we have professionals with experience in LinkedIn Ads,who can advise you on the best way to carry out a campaign and who will guide you to achieve the objectives that we set in the shortest possible time and in the most economical way.

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At Arimetrics we are specialized in creating and optimizing campaigns in LinkedIn Ads. We have analysts with experience in optimizing campaigns and technicians specialized in Google Tag Manager to track conversions.

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Our LinkedIn Campaigns services are personalized and adapted to each project. Contact us and we will study your case in detail.

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