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LinkedIn is the most extensive professional social network. Based on the same concept as networking, this platform puts workers in contact to broaden their knowledge, do business, increase their portfolio, monitor companies, share information and even make career changes. For this reason, it is ideal for advertising, since you can contact the target professional population of your choice. The principal virtue of advertising in LinkedIn is its complete segmentation, which can be by career post or function, by sector and company size and by seniority. Thanks to this, we have the possibility of offering our product to the most appropriate professional population: LinkedIn can show advertisements in the specific location that we desire or also by titles of the workers and even by their aptitudes, optimising results and paying per clicks or impressions. This social network is perfect for advertising to other companies that may require our services or products. We can maintain conversations with potential customers directly and simply and connect with new users that may need our products. In addition, with the advertising we can create a brand reputation that creates confidence in our customers. At Arimetrics we have professionals with experience in LinkedIn Ads, who can advise you on the best way to carry out a campaign and who will guide you to meet the objectives that we mark in the least time possible and in the most economical manner.

Advantages of advertising in LinkedIn

At Arimetrics we are specialised in creation and optimisation of campaigns in LinkedIn Ads. We have analysts with experience in optimising campaigns and technicians specialised in Google Tag Manager to monitor conversions.

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LinkedIn Advertising Advantages

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