What is Sandbox


The Sandbox is a term that is linked to Google. It is a period in which all those web pages that have been created recently are put to the test. It can be considered a quarantine time where a deep analysis is carried out with which Google determines both its validity and its positioning.


What is the Google Sandbox?

Sandbox is a penalty that specifically affects websites when you consider that they use abusive SEO techniques. In other words, it seeks that the content of the web is of quality and that no spam techniques or any other action that is abusive and harms consumers are carried out.

The sandbox translates into a difficulty of ranking your website in the search engine. The search engine locates it, but does not determine what is the position it deserves to have. All this can mean a sudden drop in ranking whose duration can be between 3 and 6 months, even in some cases it can reach the year.

Does the Sandbox exist?

We cannot talk about the term without talking about the debate about it. All this arises because the American company has not made any official statement about it.

In this way it is very difficult to know if the results we observe correspond to a real forty of the Google Sandbox or if the collateral effect of the algorithms. What is more or less clear is that if these points are given, the safest thing is that we have suffered it:

  • If a comparison is made between the search results of the keywords of a site, in a normal search, and another search of the type: “allinanchor:palabra_clave” and a great difference appears in the position that throws both searches and the damaged is the normal search, it is most likely that it is under the effects of the sandbox.
  • Shortly after being created it is observed that there has been a considerable drop, it may happen that it is under it.
  • If the indexed website is found but the domain of the site does not appear in a normal search, the safest, that is because it is still in the Google sandbox.

What is the Sandbox for?

We can say that the Sandbox is a way to ensure that the user experience is the best possible. It is a way to reward those portals or websites that have done things well and really deserve it. Throughout the day thousands and thousands of new websites are created and many of them can have totally harmful purposes in the face of the user experience.

What is sought is that what they do not offer quality appear later in the search results or do not do so directly.

How to position yourself avoiding the Sandbox?

We cannot forget that SEO requires time to have positive effects. For this we must take into account a series of points:

  • Legibility. You must create a website that is readable to both users (clarity, content) and search engines (tag, videos, images..)
  • Content. You must generate unique and quality content, which is one of the fundamental pillars of the SEO strategy. In addition to updating it constantly to generate authority.
  • Backlinks. Create quality backlinks. They must be links that come from web pages with a high domain authority.
  • Indexability. The indexability of your website should be checked. You should check the sitemap, navigation, links, images. since it allows the tracking of the same by the search engines.
  • Keywords. It is important to use it but not in excess, as it can have a negative effect. You should take into account the use of the long tail and vary your anchor links.