What is Retainer


A Retainer contract or retention contract, within the world of digital marketing is a type of contract of medium or long duration, being the minimum term 3 months, between a company and a digital marketing or advertising agency, with the particularity that it is concrete to collaborate for a specific period of time instead of working for a project or a specific campaign.

In this way, the contracted agency must carry out all the work that arises from the contracting company during this period of time. However, it is possible to include numerous clauses in this type of contract in relation to the hours worked, maximum number of projects, number of workers used, etc.

Advantages of a Retainer agreement

It is an agreement that can be very beneficial for both parties, both for the company and for the contracted agency:

  • For the company: in the case of the company, stability is ensured during the contract period in terms of collaboration with the agency, so that it can be better coordinated with the agency, that it knows its needs better and both can coordinate better during the duration of the contract.
  • For the agency: through this contract a flow of benefits is ensured during the stipulated time of the contract. Working in the medium and long term, agencies know their clients better, the characteristics of their company and ensure that they can better meet their needs, generating better strategies. In the long run it implies better results and this translates into an increase in reputation for the agency.