What is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing


Digital marketing

is a generalized term for the advertising and marketing of products and services using digital technologies, mainly the internet, but also including mobile or any other digital medium.

Digital marketing usually refers to advertising that uses the web and email to drive direct sales through online commerce, in addition to sales opportunities on websites or emails. Online marketing and advertising usually direct their efforts in conjunction with traditional types of advertising such as radio, television, newspapers or magazines.

Areas of Digital Marketing

Internet marketing can also be divided into more specialized areas:

  1. Web marketing includes web e-commerce sites, affiliate marketing websites, promotional or informational websites, online advertising in search engines, and organic search results through search engine optimization (SEO).
  2. Email marketing involves both advertising and promotional marketing efforts through emails to current and potential customers.
  3. Social media marketing involves both advertising and marketing (including viral marketing efforts) through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Why use Digital Marketing

The growing popularity of the internet has meant that in just a couple of days no company was present in the online medium to have droppers those that are not. Digital Marketing has been the protagonist tool of all those companies that have wanted to stand out on the Internet, and there are many advantages that it offers:

  • Visibility:  The Internet is a wide world with millions of competitors, so if we want our brand to stand out from the crowd we must use Digital Marketing to attract more traffic and make ourselves known.
  • Sales:  Undoubtedly the final objective (not the only one) of marketing and digital marketing is to increase the sales of our company in the online world.
  • Flexibility: If there is something that characterizes online marketing with respect to traditional marketing, it is the ability to try multiple strategies with great control and flexibility that allows us to stop at any time or change those strategies that do not work.
  • Economic: Actions in the physical environment have always generally involved higher outlays. Digital marketing on the other hand allows us to obtain great results with very small budgets.
  • Reach: Through digital marketing we can reach a virtually unlimited number of people, at any time, on any device and in any geographical area.
  • Segmentation: One of the main virtues of online marketing lies in its ability to segment and target the audience that best fits the profile of our company.
  • Measurement: Faced with the scarcity of information from traditional marketing campaigns, in digital marketing we have a multitude of metrics and indicators that we can analyze in order to improve our future results.

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