What is Quote


A quote is the exact replica of a statement which is inserted into a speech, publication and content of its own. This is introduced by quotation lines that we want to quote and many times highlighting it from the rest either by means of a box or larger size or font color.

Through a quote we can expand our content and give it originality, without a doubt it is a simple but very powerful element that well used condenses in a few words a powerful idea. Quotes are also very useful when it comes to contextualizing, reinforcing an idea or thought since it shares the opinion of, generally, an influential person or specialist in the subject matter we are dealing with. It can also have a mere informative component, mention an author or source of work, disseminate the thought of its creator, etc …

How to use quotes

  • Be original: precisely one of the purposes when using citations is to give a distinctive touch to our publications, if we use a typical or classic quote we will not achieve that surprising effect on the reader.
  • Be concise: part of the effectiveness of dating lies in its brevity, if you put a quote too long you will bore the receiver and not awaken any effect on it.
  • Mention the author: a quote without mention is an empty quote, mentioning its creator will reinforce the effect of it and give it greater credibility.
  • Evoke emotions in the receiver: Nothing like attacking feelings to produce a true reaction in the recipient. The more emotional your appointment is, the more it will last in the memory of the recipient.
  • Be precise:  Use the appointments at the right time, it is better not to abuse them and resort to an appointment in the right place to generate the desired effect


How to improve the digital marketing strategy through quotes

As we have mentioned before, quotes can be a very useful digital marketing tool. Other useful tips to enhance the use of them:

  • Use visual quotes: these work great on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Google + or Pinterest. Thanks to the visual quote we can enhance the messages of the same by combining it with an effective design.
  • Use hashtags: If you are going to publish a quote on networks such as Instagram or Twitter, using hashtags such as #Quoteoftheday or #inspirationalquote will help you get more visibility.
  • Plan your quotes:search in advance for your appointments and prepare them with enough time to have quality quotes, make sure they will generate an impact on the receiver.

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