What is Power Editor de Facebook

facebook power editor


Power Editor Facebook is a tool that helps manage various campaigns, ad sets, and ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network (a platform that allows you to display ads on websites and smartphone apps). With it, it’s easy to create, edit, manage, and optimize campaigns, ad groups, ads, and page-to-mass posts, across a large number of different ad accounts and pages. Power Editor is a bulk ad creation and management tool, typically used by large Advertisers or Facebook advertisers who want advanced features.

Power Editor Features

It offers advanced features that can help you reach the perfect audience with the right message. It’s useful for saving time by bulk editing ads and page posts in ad sets, campaigns, and Pages, and for creating mass ads. ‘Audiences’ can be employed to create and manage all audiences, including Custom Audiences, Website Custom Audiences, and Lookalike Audiences.

Facebook has recently decided to merge its two platforms to create campaigns, Facebook Ads Manager and power Editor, and has added some new features related to the ease of use of the first and the usefulness of the second.

Tasks that Power Editor allows you to do

Facebook’s Power Editor is designed to make it easier for the advertiser to create large-scale campaigns. Among the functions that the social network tool allows are:

  • Edit the settings for an ad group at once.
  • Make changes to call-to-action and other creative elements in multiple creatives at the same time, even if they are also embedded in Instagram and Audience Network.
  • Export and import campaigns and ad sets in Excel.
  • Facilitate A/B testing by allowing you to duplicate and modify an entire campaign.

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