What is Phygital Experience

Phygital Experience


The Phygital Experience is one of the latest marketing trends that alludes to the union between the physical and digital worlds as part of a much more complete, human and efficient experience by integrating electronic commerce or e-commerce with traditional physical stores.

What is the Phygital Experience for?

In such a world interconnected like the current one, this new type of experience stands out for taking the best of each of these two environments; of the digital environment the speed of search and payment, the immersion in the search thanks to the new processes of interaction, while the physical world takes the possibility of interact directly with people and the product.

In this way, a multichannel purchase process is formed by the customer and the seller taking advantage of the characteristics that best respond to the current needs of consumers who are increasingly prepared and have more information for the purchase process.


The elements of the digital experience

Conceived as an experience of the future that is already present, and seeing its enormous potential, more and more companies are developing all kinds of elements and applications to get the most out of the Phygital experience. Some of the most prominent are:

  • Virtual Reality: this new technology that has more and more applications, has turned out to be an ideal vehicle for this type of experience, through the creation of virtual environments that simulate physical establishments such as clothing stores or supermarkets.
  • Beacons and QR Codes: Beacons are bluetooth devices that are installed in stores and send information to mobile devices. Likewise, QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that store data encoded as links to download an app or access a web page. In both cases the objective is to complete the consumer’s purchase process with information.
  • Go supermarkets: a new type of establishment that is still under development and companies like Amazon are applying, consisting of acquiring the products you want by scanning them and paying with your mobile phone without having to go through a cash register.
  • Screens: the world of digital screens offers numerous options when it comes to establishing new possibilities for consumers, such as virtual clothing fitting rooms or touch screens where they can order food in restaurants.

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