What is Permission marketing


Permission marketingPermission marketing consists of sending messages aimed at people who have said yes to a brand. It is very different from an advertisement on television, on the radio or a billboard, whose audience will be more general and has not been previously selected because it has not given its consent.

For example, it would be when a brand launches a message to its followers on social networks. Well, being their followers it is understood that this audience has given permission to know and know more about said brand.

Origin of the term

The first speaker of the permission marketing concept was Seth Godin, who describes it as “the privilege, not the right, to deliver anticipated, personal, and relevant messages to people who really want it.”

With email permission marketing, the user is the one who decides, voluntarily, to receive advertising messages from a certain brand or company. This means that if you have given this permission it is because you have an interest in that company or products and want to receive more information.

Therefore, this strategy focuses on getting this permission from the customer to offer you the content and information in which you are interested. In this way the company also obtains valuable information. You get to know the preferences of your audience and you will be able to detail more about the product or service you are going to offer. This may be their biggest differentiation from the competition.

Advantages of using this method

With this method you stop being intrusive with marketing to move to a strategy that seeks to attract your attention from the consumer and attract you more with a two-way communication. Therefore, we must be careful and not saturate the user with information. The user is waiting to receive information thanks to the trust and attention that has been achieved. The strategy then will be to keep this point active and even improve it. This way you get not only to be in your mind, but to be a prescriber of the brand.

You can store the information and segment it in databases in a way that allows you to be more orderly and have more value. You can store the information and segment it in databases in a way that allows you to be more orderly and have more value. Through an active conversation, more and more information about the user will be obtained and more interesting content will be offered to each consumer.

Permission Marketing Tools

Among the tools used are:


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