What is NAP



The NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone. These three elements are essential in a Google My Business listing to do Local SEO in Google.

On a web page it is very important that these three basic data appear with the same structure.

Company Name

Putting the exact name of the company is a prerequisite of Google. It should be consistent with the same name that the company appears on its website, without abbreviations. It is advisable for Local SEO to include the activity of the company and the city where it is located to favor the positioning in local searches.

Company Address

The address that is entered in the Google My business data has to be exact to that of the web and it is very important that it has the same consistency, including the postal code and the locality. It is recommended to structure the address in such a way that Google can track it well.

Company Phone

It must also be the same phone that appears on the web. It should always be indicated as a priority the landline number before the mobile phone because it reinforces the local character of the business. It is recommended not to put international prefixes.


To build local SEO authority, the NAP is extremely important so this data must be on sites like Yelp, Google My Business, Bing Places, Apple Maps, Yellow Pages and other local business directories.

We must remember to maintain the consistency of these three elements in all these lists.

A correct implementation of the NAP in local SEO will result in the improvement of the positioning in Google at the local level, right now that factor has a lot of weight for the search engine and will be an advantage over the competing businesses.


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