What is Mockup



A mockup is a high-quality photomontage that is widely used in the world of design and advertising when presenting a design to a client, whether it is a logo, a website or the packaging of a product.

These models reflect all the design options,taking into account the color schemes, typography, image size, iconography and the overall appearance of the product.

How useful is it?

The mockup allows you to show how the final design will look within a quality presentation.

The hay of all kinds since they can be presented from a logo to a  webpage through a mobile application, a business card, a brochure and almost any design that a graphic designer can make.

Create Mockups

On the net there are many websites where this type of resources is offered to download online, either free or paid.

The files are downloaded in PSD format, which is the native of Adobe Photoshop, so that you can work with them in layers in this design tool and get the best results for a presentation.

Where to download mockups

There are many websites that offer mockups. This is because not everyone who uses this type of resource is a graphic designer and even those who are rarely have time to make these types of presentations.

Here are some websites that offer mockups, both free and paid:

  • Mockupworld: Web specialized ONLY in mockups. All kinds of mockups can be downloaded for any design.
  • Canva: This versatile tool has a lot of mockup templates to make presentations.
  • Freepik: Site of Spanish origin that, apart from many other graphic resources, also offers a large number of mockups.
  • Pexels: One of the most used tools by graphic designers and has a good sample of mockpus to download.

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