What is Klipfolio



Klipfolio is a dashboard tool from the Canadian company Klipfolio Inc. Among its main functionalities is the creation of automated dashboards, with an affordable graphical interface for non-programmer users. Among its main advantages is the fact that it has numerous connectors to link and integrate data from data sources such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, SQL databases, Excel, Google Sheets, etc., as well as any tool that has a REST-type API.

Types of Dashboards in Klipfolio

Klipfolio has several types of dashboards already pre-configured, which can be found in the gallery, such as for Google Analytics or Adwords. You simply choose what type of service you want to monitor and Klipfolio is automatically responsible for assembling the dashboard.

If you prefer, you can also mount a custom dashboard that includes exclusively what you want to study about each business. If doubts arise about its elaboration, the platform has a free help service to elaborate the control panel and other services.

Klipfolio: dashsboards in the cloud

Klipfolio is 100% cloud-based, thus avoiding unnecessary downloading of software and its updates, and thus allowing access to dashboards from anywhere. In addition, different types of files such as Excel or FTP can be connected, as well as allowing the connection to receive data from more than 100 applications in the cloud, such as Facebook, Twitter, Moz, Marketo, Hubspot, New Relic, Salesforce… Even if there is no direct connection, the application has a help service to connect with other applications that are not on the list. In cases where data integration is not simple, there is always the possibility of using tools such as Zapier.

Klipfolio’s Libery

Klipfolio has an ever-growing library of pre-built metrics and visualizations, with more than 300 templates for around 50 services that help accelerate dashboard development. Likewise, it allows you to combine information from different services to generate new metrics.

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