What is Infomediary


Infomediary is an online business that is dedicated to managing the excess of information of the Internet.

What is Infomediary?

It is a business that is dedicated to collecting large amounts of data from various sources to analyze, screen and organize in a relevant way to provide users with the information they need in a neutral way.

Infomediaries are specializing in a certain market offering very exclusive and accurate data about a sector.

The income of these companies comes from the insertions they make in advertising spaces and the commission that corresponds to them for intermediating in each transaction achieved.

The infomediary sector includes a wide range of companies ranging from the edition of guides and directories, to the realization of market studies, through companies dedicated to generating tourist information or geographical and cadastral information.

Types of infomediaries

We can talk about different types of infomedia based on what their customers are that can be both consumers and businesses and companies.

  • In the case of consumers, it facilitates the commercial process through providing detailed content about the products or brands involved in said commercial process.
  • In the case of businesses and brands, what it brings is that they can access a large amount of information collected exclusively. The information is about your target audience and their consumption habits with the aim of developing products and a subsequent commercialization of them.

Infomediary: The business of digital information “open data”

The reuse of public information is increasingly normal and is regulated by law. In this way, the infomedia sector is within the legal framework. On the other hand, the forecast of the European Union estimates that the turnover used by public data constitutes a total development of 40 billion euros per year.

The business of digital information “open data” for companies is becoming an emerging economy for two reasons:

  • The development of the potential of ICT for the collection and processing of data.
  • The growing need to find security in the veracity of information to be able to manage all the risk operations of any company.