What is House Party

house party


House Party is a popular mobile video calling app created by Israeli startup “Life on Air”. It works as a social network whose goal is to simulate a “party” through calls. Launched in April 2015 exclusively for iOS, it accumulated more than 5 million downloads in its beta phase, and currently, having also been available on Android, it has almost 50 million users worldwide.

House Party and Millennials

With a clear orientation towards the adolescent public,House Party has managed to snatch the market share of the “millennials” from similar applications as well known as Skype, Faceapp, Hangouts or even Snapchat, which is undoubtedly more surprising since it is also aimed at a younger audience.

Operation and features

House App proposes to join “rooms” or private videoconferencing rooms, which can only be accessed with a prior invitation. As if it were a party in a house, users can move between different rooms, each of which supports up to 8 different users, and in case we want to have a private conversation, we can close the room so that no one else can enter.

Although the idea proposed by House Party is not very revolutionary, it has been able to exploit it to the maximum in order to attract its target audience, and that is that the system it proposes is certainly much simpler and more accessible than that of other applications.

However, despite its success, the application has not been without negative reviews,such as its poor security, excessive use of memory and battery of mobile devices and in the worst case, overheating of the devices, which has garnered low scores in the app markets.


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