What is Hosting



A web hosting is a generic term used to refer to a type of server that hosts websites and/or related data, applications, and services.

Put more simply, it is what allows your website or blog to be seen by any user with an Internet connection.

It is a service that allows users to publish a website on the internet.

Difference between hosting and domain

A hosting is a place where files are stored. Normally a company offers its web hosting services by renting its servers to store the web, making it easier for other users to access it.

The domain is a website address. The domain name must be registered and is unique, something like your home address. The domain is the unique route to access a certain website.

Types of hosting

  • Free hosting: low quality, but viable alternative for non-commercial or professional sites.
  • Shared hosting: it is a reserved space, within a server shared between several users, that is, it can host several websites at the same time.
  • VPS Hosting: Each website is stored on a powerful server divided into virtual compartments. That is, the client has its own RAM resources, CPU, etc.
  • Dedicated Hosting: a complete server for the user. It is expensive but allows maximum flexibility and speed.

How to host a hosting

  1. Choose the hosting company to work with. Depending on the needs you have, you can choose between the different companies in the market.
  2. Select the hosting plan. Once you have decided the company with which to work it is important to select what type of hosting we are going to use: shared, VPS, dedicated…
  3. Change the DNS. It is necessary to change the DNS of the domain for the web to work.
  4. Upload the web. Through the server with cPanel or FileZilla the web is published on the hosting.

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