What is EndoMarketing


Endomarketingis a technique that focuses on motivating the work team to obtain good results: increase engagement, reduce turnover and attract qualified talent.

What is Endomarketing?

Endomarketing in other words is an “Internal Marketing“, which, through a series of tools, favors to sensitize, inform and motivate the employees of your company.

It is a way to encourage your employees to act or carry out their activities effectively. In this way the company, in the long term, obtains a greater profit.

Benefits of Endomarketing

There are many advantages linked to Endomarketing that must be taken into account when implementing it in any company. The most important are:

  • Increase productivity: Employees are aligned with the values and purposes of the company, with this they will work more motivated and will increase the profitability of the business.
  • Job loyalty and a decrease in turnover. Turnover, in any company, is a brake on its growth. If a pleasant workspace is created, what is achieved is that the employee feels comfortable and confident that he can develop as a professional. It helps you share goals with the company and motivates you to continue adding value with which you can grow with it.
  • Attraction of qualified talent. Companies that decide to bet on their workers manage to attract the most qualified profiles
  • Feedback and promotion of new ideas. If workers feel they are in a company that values their work, they will be more willing to get involved and share their point of view on things.
  • Improves internal communication. In the place where it is practiced, internal communication flows in a more natural way.
  • Quality of work and results obtained. Employees if they feel part of the company’s goals, work harder to achieve it.

Stages of an EndoMarketing plan

To make an EndoMarketing plan, the main thing, and first of all, is to carry out an in-depth analysis of the current situation of the company. The steps to follow the following:

  • Analysis of the environment. The fundamental thing is to know how the work environment develops in your company. Sometimes internal problems come from the influence of external factors. The factres that must be taken into account are: the policies of the company, the sector in which it operates, the selection and promotion of personnel, the size of the company, internal communication and everything that helps you to make a comparative analysis.
  • Study of the Internal Market. Once the internal factors that influence the performance of the staff have been pointed out, the internal one must be analyzed. For this it is essential to carry out: therapies and / or team meetings, in-depth interviews, surveys that help identify the expectations or problems that occur to workers.
  • Adaptation Process. Implements necessary policies that help solve, meet and meet the needs of workers. It is essential that workers are aware of new approaches and required requirements.
  • Control of the Plan. It is important to verify the effectiveness of the policies that are implemented. If it is not working, it will serve to correct the appropriate corrections.

Tools that are essential for the development of EndoMarketing.

At a technological level there are several tools that facilitate and help you carry out activities in a more efficient way, or measure their performance and evaluate their results. More specifically, there are tools for EndoMarketing that favor achieving the primary objective: to make employees the potential internal customers.

  • Evernote: Online tool that allows you to have all kinds of information stored in folders in the cloud. This tool favors, therefore, sharing with employees so that it is integrated into the plan or strategy you are carrying out.
  • Social Networks. Rely on them to generate a corporate network in which employees can communicate, express ideas, thoughts. It can also help to know their tastes, what they think, want, worry and desire.
  • Videos of the day to day of your employees. That employees can share their day to day and thus identify with the brand.
  • Corporate blog. Effective tool to motivate, integrate and encourage effective cooperation between employees. In it they will be able to reflect their ideas and contribute to the structure of the web. In addition, it can have a great impact on consumers.

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