What is Crossposting


Crossposting, or translated as cross-posting or cross-sending, can also be called multichannel or multiposting and is the act of posting the same message on different social media platforms. It can be done automatically, through the use of tools that distribute the message as soon as it is edited.


Origin of crossposting

The term crossposting was created in forums and internet newsgroups. If a user wanted to know about a topic they could post it in different threads to increase the chances that they would have an answer.

However, the use that is now given to it has nothing to do with its origin. In social networks it is used as a way for a certain action to reach a larger audience and without having to be much workload. The message is edited and manually entered into the channels so that it has a wide distribution. This requires a Crossposting application.

The special tools used for multiple message publishing work on a very simple principle: A message can be edited once the access information for the different networks has been entered. You can then select the networks on which the message should appear. Hashtags, images, etc. can also be added. Many of the tools also support a delay in sending messages as well as tracking social media.

Why crossposting?

Crossposting or cross-publishing, therefore, consists of being able to share the same publication on different social networks automatically, without having to do it manually. You can publish the same text, image, video in different social networks having done it only in one manually.

It is a tool that serves to make publications of messages in multiple channels of information. In this way, it serves both to detect the messages that have already been sent previously, through algorithms, and to speed up the work of a company.

Advantages and disadvantages of using crossposting

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using Crossposting:

The advantages are the following:

  1. Saving time. It is one of the key points of the tool, since it offers to share information on different platforms. It is one of the most beneficial points for any company.
  2. It allows to expose the contents in diverse platforms. Users feel a preference to use some platforms over others. By using the platform it is guaranteed that you will reach all of them and in a much faster way and saving time.

The disadvantages are the following:

  1. If Crossposting is used excessively it can be considered a bad practice.
  2. In some social networks, depending on which one, it can have a not entirely positive effect. Some require content to be tailored to social media and not be sent to everyone the same.
  3. If people follow a brand on multiple networks, they are loyal, they can have a negative perception of the most loyal.

Crosspotting tools

Some of the most famous cross-publishing tools are as follows:

  • Hootsuite: One of the best known. In its free version you can have up to five networks. It’s great for Twitter.
  • Buffer: It also has a free version and can have up to three networks. Also available as an app.
  • Friends+Me: Recommended especially for Google+ users.
  • Ifitt: Free and powerful tool with up to 80 channels.