What is Crawl Error

Crawl Error


A crawl error is a failure that occurs as a result of search engines not being able to properly index some URL of a website. This can be due to various causes and it is a really negative factor for the organic positioning of the website so it must be corrected as quickly as possible if we do not want our website to lose positions quickly.

How to Avoid Crawl Error

Taking into account the above consideration, there are more and more digital marketing software companies that incorporate tools aimed at checking and solving this type of problem, as is the case of Google Search Console ,which incorporates a tool dedicated exclusively to crawl errors.

Causes of Crawl Error

As we have mentioned before, there is no single reason that explains crawl errors, but these can occur due to the following causes:

  • Connection to the Server: connectivity problems with the server caused either by speed (timeout) or by reliability when not being able to connect to get a response or that it is incomplete.
  • DNS errors: These failures occur when the search engine has some problem while translating the domain codes and becomes unable to interpret them.
  • Accessibility errors: in case of errors in the Google robots file.txt and in this way the search engine robots cannot access the pages of the website.

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