What is Awareness



is what is known as the level of consumer awareness of a brand. It measures the ability of potential customers to recognize a brand and associate it with the product or service in question.

In Marketing, Awareness is one of the first phases that must be worked on when creating a product. It is where much of the effort must be focused. When competition is high, brand awareness is one of the company’s greatest assets.


Strategies to develop the Awareness of a brand

Awareness strategies include:

  • Influencer Marketing.
  • PPC and Display Campaigns.
  • Social Media Strategy.

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness is the metric that measures the recognition of a brand by consumers. Through this metric you can analyze the notoriety of a brand. Directly related to branding, it is able to measure the strength and results of the management of a brand.

Top of mind awareness

The top of mind awareness or TOMA is a marketing concept that defines the first brand that emerges in the mind of the consumer when asked, spontaneously, about a certain category. The quantification of users who have that image as a mental priority becomes a very interesting measurement.

Awareness on social networks

The use of social networks is a great tool that allows you to increase visibility and brand recognition. Two types of search are understood based on their objectives.

Brand recognition: Brand recognition, that users are able to visualize the attributes and advantages of the brand.

Brand recall: brand recall, it is about the consumer being able to remember the brand within a category.