How to maximize the content focus of your reels

That social networks are in continuous evolution is a fact as evident as the constant need for brands to adapt to new trends. It is clear that the TikTok phenomenon has revolutionized the content dynamics of the rest of social platforms. Aware of the growing interest of users in short and fast-to-use content, Meta has begun to bet on reels to the point of orienting Instagram’s strategy towards this popular format. Recently the platform shared a series of tips with which to maximize the performance of this type of videos. We bring you a compilation with the most interesting keys for optimize your audiovisual content!

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The importance of audiovisual content

Question of percentages

Did you know that half the time users spend on Facebook is spent on videos? Yes , the audiovisual format already represents 50% of the content consumed! Instagram is not far behind, since more than 20% of the time that the audience invests in this platform is reserved for the visualization of reels.

Given these figures, it is logical that Meta is working on the consolidation of this type of content, making reels one of its main priorities. The goal? Achieve a simplification of formats to, as the company points out, “improve the experiences of publication and consumption of content”.

Since platform priorities have changed, your interests should also align with new trends if you don’t want your profiles to end up stagnant. Adaptation is essential: it’s time to readjust your social media strategies to prevent your statistics from falling.

How to maximize the focus of your videos

The dynamics to turn reels into the star content of the platforms are already underway. Meta wants you to join the trend; therefore, Instagram launched a series of recommendations to get the most out of this new format. Although it is important to be clear that each brand is different and needs personalized strategies. These are based on factors as important as the sector to which it belongs or the type of audience to which it is oriented, and it is advisable to take into account these tips as a starting point. Notes!

Engage your audience

That social networks are designed so that the user spends as much time as possible connected on the platform is not something new. Therefore, an obvious tip in the social media strategy is to create content that engages. Keep in mind that you have little time to capture the attention of your audience. You need to create videos that catch the user’s attention in the first seconds of playback! The first clips are essential to make a difference, do not miss them!

Experiment and use your imagination

Take advantage of the flexibility of this format to unleash creativity. It’s a matter of testing, testing and testing. Avoid constantly sticking to typical video structures and explore the different possibilities offered by reels. Raising imaginative content or curious transitions between clips that surprise the audience can cause your statistics to skyrocket.

Turn audio into your best ally

Music is decisive in the success of many reels. Keep in mind that this format is almost always consumed with the sound of the devices activated. Therefore, videos that pay attention to the audio part tend to be better received by users. What if you try to find the balance between trending melodies and audios yet to be exploited? It can give a lot of play to your content!

Stay up to date

As in the rest of the digital environment, being up to date with new trends is not only important, it is very necessary! Knowing the trends of the moment and joining them is part of the essence of the reels. Pay attention to the most successful content, the hashtags of the moment, the challenges of the community… get your brand involved! 

Value collaborations

Instagram wants you to maximize the creative possibilities of reels! Branded content actions can be really beneficial for your account. Therefore, analyze the advantages of collaborating with content creators or partnering with brands related to yours for certain social media campaigns. These types of proposals can help you amplify your message

Give it a touch of authenticity

Looking for inspiration and adapting successful formats to your brand is highly recommended for the success of your platforms, but Instagram also recommends highlighting the differential features of your brand. In this sense, the platform advises prioritizing the authenticity of your business over predefined short video schemes of fast consumption. It is a somewhat generic trick but that invites you to experiment with this format being faithful to the essence of the brand. Do you dare to try?

Social Media Management Tools

Hootsuite, Post to Plan, Sprout Social… today there are many content programming platforms that facilitate the management of platforms. Until now, they not only unified the task of launching publications instantly in the different profiles of the brands, but also offered the possibility of programming photos and videos. Faced with Meta’s changing priorities, these tools have seen the need to be updated.

Reel programming 

Recently, Metricool announced to its users a new functionality: it is now possible to program reels in this application. With it, many management platforms begin to adapt their features to new trends, paying attention to the star content of social networks: short video in vertical format. A wise decision, although not surprising; considering the growing success of these videos, it was only a matter of time before external platforms began to incorporate options to program them and measure the data obtained.


Once again it is proven that, to continue promoting a brand in the digital environment, social media strategies must adapt to changes and trends in the sector. An adaptation that requires time and effort, but that is necessary for the different profiles to continue growing. It is as important to take into account the different recommendations to get the most out of the new format as to analyze and interpret the results that your publications are obtaining in order to determine what type of content works best in this new dynamic.