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What is Virtual page

Virtual Page


A virtual page is a way to measure interactions on a website when a page is not automatically generated through standard javaScript code. It is an improvement in the measurement to detect interactions that are not collected by default in a web measurement tool.

How virtual pages are measured

Normally in a web measurement a hit called page view is generated every time you change pages. Sometimes, this does not happen, either because a new html is not generated, or because an ajax-type call occurs that reloads content within the same page.

In these cases, it is usually chosen to measure these interactions by launching a javaScript call that makes the web analytics tool believe that a new page has been generated (when technically it could be said that it has not been so).


Cases in which a virtual page is used

  • In the final process of purchase in an online store.
  • When submitting a form.
  • Sites created with Ajax.
  • Tabs within a web page.

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