What is Upselling



Upselling is a sales/marketing method that tries to convince customers to acquire a product/services similar to or superior to the one they want to buy, or simply a product that is more profitable for the establishment or that it wants to get rid of it.

It should not be confused with cross selling, a technique with a certain resemblance consisting of trying to sell the customer a product or service that complements what you have already bought.

How to perform an Upselling

There are certain considerations that we must take into account when performing an upselling:

  • Do not be too sharp:you have to be cautious when applying Upselling since it is an addition in the sale, and an attitude too aggressive can be counterproductive.
  • Personalization:adapt the up-selling according to the behavior of the client, when he carries out an action present the sale option.
  • Precision:it is necessary to know at what precise moment to perform the up-selling action, generally it should not be exceeded more than a few minutes from the moment of completion of the acquisition of the product or service.
  • Simplifiesr: to smooth the procedure of purchase of the upselling product or service to the maximum.

Upselling in the company

Many companies teach their employees to increase sales of products and services and offer incentives and bonuses for staff. For this, care must be taken to thoroughly train employees, since a poorly trained employee can miss the incentive program and therefore offends a regular and loyal customer. Another way to improve a sale is to provoke fear about the durability of the purchase, this being particularly effective in expensive items such as electronics, where an extended warranty can offer peace of mind.

Examples of upselling

  • Packs: Offering several products together (a saga of movies for example) is an interesting idea to make the customer buy products.
  • Adding “extras”:Any addition to the original service offered at the right time can become an excellent upselling opportunity. The possibilities are innumerable: pillow service in a hotel, premium washing at a gas station, some potatoes in a hamburger shop…
  • “Premium”: Products or services with notable improvements over the standard version: Spotify Premium, Iphone 256GB, Tinder Gold…