What is Stop word

Stop WordDefinition:

A Stop Word or empty word is a concept that comes to refer to those words that are not registered by Google robots. It is a term closely linked to content creation.

What are stop words?

Stop Word are those empty words, which are not registered by Googlebots. They are words that have no meaning and that for that reason search engines do not consider them when positioning the content in the SERPs. The algorithms do not take them into account when positioning the results, because it is much more effective. For this reason it is a term that is closely linked, but not exclusively, with SEO.

When we talk about these words we refer to those that lack meanings on their own. Empty words range from articles to prepositions, conjunctions, pronouns…

How to use stop words?

In this case when using or not using empty words you do not have to become extremist, simply do not ignore them for the simple fact that search engines do not give value.

The main thing is to delete these words only when strictly necessary for reasons of space. Google’s rich snippets have an extension limited to a number of characters. That is why eliminating, in the first place, stop words is essential to stay within the established limits.

However, we must not forget that in the end those who seek are people and you should write for them too. That is why they should not be deleted absolutely.

What are they for?

The functionality it has is to give coherence and naturalness to the texts when keywords are being used. That is why it is necessary to continue using them, to give naturalness to the text and make it more easily understandable.

Another reason to keep using stop words, is that, due to updates to algorithms like Google Panda. Search engines claim a well-written text without any error. If it is deleted it can only lead to grammatical errors. If we are ignoring it, the texts may seem to be written by a machine.

Despite being considered as “empty” they should be seen as necessary words to facilitate communication.

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