What is Scope Creep

scope creep


Known as laundry syndrome or scope corruption in Spanish, the Creep Score refers to those unforeseen modifications in the scope of a plan or those consequences that had not been taken into account during its planning.

It is an invenient situation for the company and can have a negative impact on the project, since it implies differences between the company and the client which translates into greater expenses of time and money.

Causes of Scope Creep

As we have mentioned before, it is an unfavorable situation for the interests of the company and the client so we must be able to identify those factors that generate it. The main causes of Score Creep are:

  • Lack of understanding between the client and the company: it is necessary that the understanding between both parties is correct since otherwise it can lead to misunderstandings with their consequent future unforeseen events.
  • Unforeseenevents: of course, there can always be numerous circumstances that disrupt our planning, so it is important to anticipate any unforeseen events that may arise in order to avoid them.
  • Poor planning:Poor planning can lead to numerous uncontrolled changes to the project.
  • Very high pretensions:if we intend to implement too many attributes we will finally find mismatches in the results of the project.


How to fix Scope Creep

  • Improve communication: it is worth stopping a little longer when it comes to talking to the client so that all the points to be discussed are clear.
  • Plan:as long as it takes, of course you can not do without good planning since this is life insurance against future inconveniences that may develop.
  • Clarity:you have to make sure that prices, methodologies, timing and others are clearly presented to the client, to avoid future surprises.
  • Coherence:we must be aware of our limitations and not try to implement more than possible in the agreed period of time because we run the risk of it being counterproductive.