What is Random navigation model

Random Navigation ModelDefinition:

The random navigation model serves to provide a basis with which to calculate the Page Rank algorithm. It is a way to know the behavior of users on the internet and provide a probability that a random user will visit a web page.

What is the random navigation model?

The navigation model is a way of calculating the probabilities that a user has to visit a site through random links. In other words, the chances that a website has of being visited by a user who started their search elsewhere.

When we navigate it can be done in two ways. one that the user accesses by typing the URL directly and the other is by clicking on a random link within a content.

We talk about a random navigation model because it does not follow a specific search line. The arrival of the user is left to chance, which does not mean that the possibilities of arrivals to other methods are not evaluated.

What is it for?

The random navigation model is based on Google’s Pagerank, in other words the rating of the authority of a site given by Google. However, nowadays it has lost its usefulness, in most cases users no longer end up on a site casually but already know what they are looking for. Nowadays it is better to predict what the search will be like.

It does not mean that Google has removed this probability, only that it is no longer so usual for users to browse randomly but that they do it with an idea. Despite this, it will always be useful to know how the domain authority influences that a page can be viewed.

How does the random navigation model work?

The navigation model works as a method of divination, the probabilities that a user can access a specific URL are studied based on the available URLs that can be clicked.

All this will depend on what interests the user, the relationship of the topic in those links with the search you are doing, the authority of those URLs, among other aspects. It is one of the reasons why previously the algorithm positioned better websites that had a smaller number of links, because it was much easier to predict where a user would click.

What is the relevance of the navigation model for searches?

Currently the method is not used by search engines to know the positioning of a website in searches. Despite this, it had a certain relevance for experts to analyze the quality of the backlinks.

In addition, previously it was relatively easier to understand how the algorithm worked and obtain more accurate probabilities. However, over time Google and other search engines have become more airtight based on their algorithms.

Experts consider that the model no longer presents relevance, that the only way to know the quality of the links is through its level of authority and relevance with the user’s search.