What is RACE Model

race modelDefinition:

The RACE model is a methodology carried out by companies with the aim of having a strategic action plan structured in 4 phases. ( Reach, Act, Convert and Engagement).

Advantages of the RACE model

The biggest advantage of this system is that it bases the fulfillment of large objectives through the achievement of small goals structured through each of the 4 phases. Thanks to the RACE model, companies can improve their growth due to an increase in commercial efficiency, achieving compliance with this strategic plan. In addition, its structure allows to carry out a planning, control and analysis of it with ease, so it is a model very implanted today. Currently it is a method widely applied by Digital Marketing professionals.

Phases of the RACE model

The RACE model is composed of 4 phases, successive and with individual goals, through which there is a transformation of future potential consumers into customers with a high loyalty to our brand (engagement). The 4 phases are:

  • Reach: In the first phase the objective is to increase the dissemination of our brand among future customers, carrying out all kinds of marketing, social media and lead management actions.
  • Act: Once our brand is disseminated and made known among consumers, it is time to interact with them in order to increase their attraction to us and thus generate a need for purchase.
  • Convert: Generated the need to buy, it is time to materialize in sales for our company, that is, we transform our goal from potential customer to buyer.
  • Engagement (Loyalty): This system does not end with the customer’s purchase process, but we are interested in building lasting and stable relationships with them.

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