What is MCC


An MCC (My Control Center) is a type of Google Ads account that allows you to unify multiple Ads accounts into a single profile. It is a type of account widely used in large companies and by online marketing professionals, mainly agencies. In this way they can control all their accounts in a faster and simpler way, since the interface does not change and also have additional features that only exist in this type of accounts.

Advantages of an MCC account

  • Joint invoicing:although with this account we still have the option to invoice individually, additionally it adds the option to invoice all accounts together, which for certain companies can be a very attractive option.
  • More complete information:MCC allows you to compare between all accounts and generate additional reports which allows us to improve our analytical capacity.
  • Agility:through My Control Center we can access all our accounts without having to change users, which means greatly streamlining our SEM tasks.
  • Free:creating an MMC account does not require paying any kind of fee or fee so having this account will not cost us anything additional.

How to create an MCC account

If we want to configure all our Google Ads accounts in a single MCC user, we must follow the following steps:

  1. First of all we must register in https://ads.google.com with a gmail account that is not linked to another Google Ads account, and fill in a series of data that they ask us such as the account name, currency, time zone, etc …
  2. In this way an MCC account will be created and the time comes to join all the accounts of the clients in that new account, to link them we must put in this new account the ID number of each of them.
  3. Finally, a confirmation email will arrive to the customers who own each of the accounts that they must accept so that the link is complete.

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