What is Geomarketing


is the use of user location knowledge to frame marketing efforts, using digital mapping to organize and visualize data for review and decision making. The digital map allows merchants to analyze data by geographic region (e.g., a suburban area bordering a large city) or specific physical location (e.g., a particular store).


Evolution of geomarketing

Today’s digital technology, with location data available through social media and mobile devices, will help this marketing approach continue to increase in power and capacity.

Geomarketing describes any form of marketing that incorporates location intelligence in order to improve the odds that a particular message will reach the right consumer at the right time.

This can be achieved in a number of ways, but the common factor is that location data or insight is used as part of marketing efforts – which is the “geo” element. Geo-targeting is a common form of geomarketing, which is defined simply as the delivery of content to users (typically via mobile) based on where they are or where they have previously visited.


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