What is Focus Group

Focus group


A focus group or group meeting is a qualitative marketing research method which consists of bringing together a number of approximately 8 people with certain characteristics if required by the research, in which a coordinator is responsible for asking them questions and raising situations to later analyze the results and be able to work with the data in order to make decisions about a product, service or any type of campaign or marketing action that is going to be carried out.

How a focus group is organized

The members of the focus group must be notified that they can be recorded in case it is so and a present, financial compensation or some way to reward those investigated after the conclusion of the meeting is usually given.

What is a focus group for?

A focus group serves to promote the launch of a new product. The dialogue that is created in these meetings offers important data and information for the development of new products or services that are useful to the public. This will be transformed into an increase in sales.

During the processes of rebranding or rebranding they are also very useful since you get answers and exchanges of opinions that help improve the brand. Another point that is achieved thanks to these meetings is to direct and plan a marketing strategy.

How a focus group works

When the focus group has already determined and planned the marketing plan should focus on the next steps. First, define the problem. Sometimes these groups are formed to stir up problems that have arisen in the company regarding marketing. That is why the origin of the problem must be found in order to move on to its resolution.

Then the participants are selected according to the points to be covered and the goals, so it will also be possible to determine how many people are needed. In case of having a list of clients it will be very useful to be able to choose the right people in the shortest possible time. References about the people who are going to participate are also very important, since we will know the experience they have or what projects they have worked on previously.

During digital marketing events you can also create links that can later help us in these situations. To choose the most suitable candidates, the election must be based on the individuals who best agree with the objectives of the meeting. The more diversified the group, the more possibility of dialogue and solving the problem.