What is FNSKU



The code FNSKU is an abbreviation for Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit. It is one of the requirements of the product barcodes belonging to the FBA. FBA uses barcodes to make it easier to identify and track inventory. Every product that is shipped to an Amazon fulfillment center needs a barcode.

This code is important if we are part of the Amazon FBA program. This same program is the one that generates the FNSKU code when we ship products to Amazon warehouses.

How do I create an FNSKU?

The FNSKU code is integrated into the product. This barcode contains the ASIN and most importantly, the product description. You can incorporate the FNSKU by requesting it from your supplier and placing the label on all products.

This code is unique to Sellers in the Amazon FBA program. It is non-transferable and very important to identify your products within Amazon warehouses. Amazon’s systems work with barcodes. So each product you send to your fulfillment center will have its own code to identify it later during the purchase operation. Keep in mind that, if we have an identical product but it has variations such as color or size, each variation of this type has to have its FNSKU code.

How to get an FNSKU code

We can print any Amazon barcode from the Label Productspage. Once we are creating a shipment we can access it and print it. However, we can also print an FNSKU code from the inventory management page.

It is very important to make good use of the FNSKU barcode. If your Amazon fulfillment center has an error, there may be an additional charge for this type of service.

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