What is EAT

Google EAT


Google EAT is the acronym for experience, authority and trust. To have an optimal website we have to meet these three criteria. EAT is important for any website that wants to be positioned in search engines. Google EAT is more important depending on the content. This algorithm values the quality of the content itself. You will value the work of clear and concrete information about the search carried out.

EAT began commenting in 2015, but did not enter into force until August 2018. Google EAT appeared in order to end the positioning of false solutions to users. Fight to end the websites that only seek to generate profit, the well-known YMYL (Your Money Your Life) pages.

What is Google EAT?

Google EAT is an algorithm that creates authority through 3 guidelines:

  • Experience: Google values positively all the content created and signed by experts on the subject matter. It also discards or disqualifies the contents of people who are not so relevant. The online reputation that the content creator has will be what determines how the page will position. We have to prove to be an expert in published content.
  • Authority: google values links positively, years on the network, reputation…
    The greater our authority, the better positioned our content will be. You have to show Google that the authors have experience and knowledge of the publication.
  • Trust: to position as a totally safe website we have to be totally safe. The most important thing is to have high quality content, guaranteeing truthful, up-to-date and legal information.

What can benefit us the most to improve all these factors is to create a good brand strategy. This will help us to get more and more users to locate our website.

Why is Google EAT important?

This algorithm is important for any website that wants to be well positioned in search engines. With the appearance of Google EAT the information changed. Accurate information must now be provided. Content creators also need to be subject matter experts. We must show some credential that demonstrates the expertise we have in this regard. If we write content, it is advisable that it is signed by the experts on our website. Offering up-to-date content is also key. Getting links from other websites will also benefit us.