What is Copy


The copy refers to a written content or text that is made for advertising and communicative purposes in order to tell what a brand wants to transfer we talk about its target audience.

What is copy?

The copy is a text that seeks from informing to entertaining, telling stories and even educating… However, the ultimate goal is to sell.

It is a text that presents a series of very particular characteristics:

  • It is a short text
  • It is presented as a close text, to generate a closer link between reader and company.

What is it for?

Copy is a content that is characterized by advertising and communicative purposes with the ultimate purpose of telling what companies want their target audience to receive. They can go both in the form of voiceovers, claims, slogans, graphic texts, scripts or web content, among others.

With this content, what the company achieves is to generate a greater number of leads, improve the brand image and retain customers.

How to make a good copy?

Although they are short texts, they are not simple texts to write. Making a good copy is not easy.

Despite this, to make a good copy, you have to keep in mind that you have to pursue two clear objectives:

  • Target audience. It is the main axis of every copywriter when exercising his activity. It is essential to the extent that you want to conquer / seduce the reader. You have to get to empathize with the public.
  • Value content. Not only is it worth knowing the target audience but it is essential to create content that meets the needs of readers. That is why a study should be carried out to know those topics that interest the audience the most. Some fields to consider are:
    • Talk about those topics that may interest our potential customers.
    • Observe the topics our competitors talk about. What is working for you and what can be improved.