What is Buyer’s Journey

Buyer's Journey


A term used in digital marketing to describe the course of a consumer’s purchase. It is the process that the client performs since he discovers the presence of a need or problem, considers the solutions to said problem and decides to buy a product or service to solve it.

The analysis of this process is of vital importance in that it helps us to better understand the consumer’s thinking and thus optimize our results.

Phases of the Buyer’s Journey

  • Discovery:The moment the consumer detects that they have a problem, defines it and begins to consider how to solve it. At that time the consumer still does not know what exactly he is going to buy, and shuffles multiple solutions.
  • Consideration: once the consumer knows that he has to solve his problem, he enters the consideration phase where he will carry out an analysis of the different alternatives with their advantages and cons in order to choose the best of the solutions.
  • Decision: finally, the consumer enters the decision phase, in which once having analyzed all the possibilities he opts for one of them and is ready to buy.

Communication in the Buyer’s Journey

It is important for the company to understand the behavior of the consumer during the different phases of the Buyer’s Journey process in order to be able to communicate with the potential client in the optimal way, in such a way that we make the whole process profitable.

  • During the discovery phase our contact with the consumer has to be less stinging than in the rest of the stages, advising and guiding him to move on to the next phase.
  • In the consideration phase we must convince the consumer of the virtues of our product or service, so that it positions us as one of the possible solutions to their problem. You have to adopt a very professional tone during this stage.
  • Finally, the decision phase is where we must finish all the work previously done; the consumer already conceives us as a possible solution and it is at this moment when we must convince him that ours is better than the rest, adopting a more commercial approach.

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